Project management status reports clients will actually read

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So far so good. Like mail chimp design tools to easily built status reports. I've started a new venture and there are already 30 stakeholders and we haven't even announced it yet. I was looking for a tool that would help me communicate status to everyone without subscribing them to a mailing list... There is a free tier so give it a try !
Looks pretty neat :) This sentence under the email signup threw me off a bit: You will be added to our email list for occasional news and spamma-lamma-ding-dong. Does that mean there will be spam? 🤔
Thanks for the heads-up @bentossell. It was meant to be a bit of product-humor there, but I can see how it sounds a bit off. We think we're funny, but we're clearly not that cool. haha. You don't have to worry about us spamming you and we'll update the text soon. Thanks again! We love the feedback!
@stevepolacek haha I assumed there was a joke there but just not sure it worked this time ;)
@bentossell super appreciated
I have to do Project Management roadmaps for my clients, and after that it's good for them to get a summary. I normally deliver that verbally. Can your product integrate with something like Trello and pull the data out of it to then create the report(s) needed?
@khurammalik We are currently looking into integration options like Jira, Trello, PivitalTracker, etc.
@dbora ok excellent. I'd be very interested to see the outcomes. :)
It shouldn't be news to anyone, that every person and team has unique information needs to track and make decisions on a project. Some measure their projects success by hitting deadlines, others budgets, others the weekly tasks completed and so on. This is the first tool with a few clicks, a CTO can get a user story feed and high level budget, while a CEO can get a timeline and red flags, and an internal team can get a list of upcoming and completed to do's, all pulled from the freshest data sets being used on any number of other tools. Need a report from last week or last month? No problem, everything is automatically tracked and versioned. Instead of making another new tool for teams to login to, Sushi Status integrates with other tools to pull the most relevant information into a beautifully designed and organized email. No more copying, pasting, and reformatting to create status reports. Pull in to dos from Basecamp, user stories, and budget figures and time entry from Freshbooks with three clicks of a button. Our research and experience has showed us that Project Managers want to be able to quickly and easily identify who's ahead and behind and how this translates to budgets or other metrics so they can report them clearly. Teams want powerful and often sophisticated tools that allow them to quickly communicate, reassign tasks, add metadata and worry less about how this translates to the rest of the world. Clients and stakeholders want clarity so that they can react and make changes to priorities and process as early as possible. Instead, they are at the mercy of their teams and tool preferences, often having to be trained for how they're used and not having a gauge for what the raw data is telling them. Because of these varying needs, tools like Basecamp that offer SO MANY great features to teams at various levels in an organization, are being dumbed down to glorified email threads, file repositories, and shared to do lists. Clients and stakeholders are going back to relying on phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings to gauge their projects status and evaluate the quality of project management. Yikes. We decided to go back to first principles: Project Managers need to communicate between lots of teams who realistically have ideal tools for information and communication. We set out to create something that adds value and efficiency to the project management process and prevents everyone from changing their team/individualized workflows.
Wow, this looks really interesting! I appreciate the free tier for testing how easy it is to use and so far so good!
@swetzequity Thanks for checking out Sushi Status Zach. If you have any questions/comments, let us know. We're using intercom for support, so you can chat with us in the app anytime.