Bridging online and offline communities

SUSHI is building communities for genuine discussion. Social products have been built with your screen as an end point. We want our communities to simply be a spring board for real life interactions. It's going to take a lot of work and we are in the very early stages, but we hope you can build great communities with us :)

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Really excited to share SUSHI. Reggie just finished up his time at RDV while he was a student at Penn, and I’ve been able to witness him jam on bridging online and offline communities. Social products can do more to spark experiences in real life, and I’m excited to see this project grow.
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Been playing around with this. It's a lot of fun! Community seems pretty nice so far. BTW, think the name is really catchy, there's gotta be a story behind it
@dillchen Thanks so much for the support. Before we landed on the name SUSHI, it was called Pod. But some rando, can't remember who, suggested the name SUSHI. It stuck hard and now we have fun things like "rolls" = group chats that you join.
@dillchen Real talk, thanks for the name <3
@dillchen @reggie_startups Unrelated, but can you upload a proper logo to this Product Hunt listing?
Hey Product Hunt! I’m the founder of SUSHI, and I’m so excited to share this project with all of you. When you look at social media right now, it is all based on the idea of broadcasting. Shooting out your life and thoughts, and receiving a feed of information and media in return. However, we’ve lost the art of discussion across networks and it’s hard to forge new friendships over shared interests. Right now our phones are the endpoints of social experiences. Our goal is to make it a springboard for real life interactions. I know the last thing anyone wants right now is another social product, but our team truly believes that bridging online and offline communities is a serious need that has to be addressed. When you join SUSHI you’ll be able to join small group chats (max size is 7) around topics you want to jam on. You’ll also have a switch that shows you the closest chats to you based on the creator. We have big plans for how we will build and bridge this new social graph. We hope that we can share and grow this experience with you and a host of others :)
@reggie_startups congrats on the launch! Being forced to invite three friends to complete the sign up flow adds a lot of friction. Why not let someone sign up first?
@tomfme Thank you! Yeah, we definitely wrestled with that decision. In the end we know that sharing is key so we wanted to push the hand a little bit. We know some people might drop out, but we think it'll be worth it for reaching those outside our network.
@reggie_startups Interesting product man! Your vision is really similar to ours, what we're building is more the discovery part I guess, you're more facilitating the community and conversations. Great stuff! Welcome to this exciting world online and offline social products. Will try your product and share some feedback.
@milann Very cool! Let's definitely jam on it some time :)
@reggie_startups I can't download it though, it's only for the US App Store. Once also had a US app store account but not anymore...
This look very exciting. Please launch this on Android soon. Thanks! :D
Cool product name, guys ;) And I also enjoy your design.
@josh_khoury thanks so much!!!