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Attractive surveys like this one . Looks really neat and simple. I currently use Typeform .Checkout the other survey/polling apps hunted earlier. Pollfish Customer Surveys Survs Proved Webengage Get Feedback Polls Three cents Polar Poll everywhere Your call Pickfu Mentimeter Voice Polls Yaynay State
@kwdinc @kwdinc Survmetrics looks like they've taken a lot of inspiration from Get Feedback (who knows where they got their inspiration from ;)). Also: Great to see that you're using Typeform (I'm their community manager)
@kwdinc gold star round up, cheers
Hi @Smutchings, we actually took inspiration from Apple's Keynote, but we can see the similarities. Perhaps both of us take after Keynote? I think that the key difference between us is that we designed Survmetrics for both sides. First to create beautiful surveys to get higher response rates, and second to get a deeper analysis of the generated data with interactive graphs. I think TypeForm is great for specific use cases, at least from what I've seen. I have yet to use it for a full fledged project.
@Rmnescobar I can see the Keynote influences. (In fact, that exact point came up when we were looking at it). It's great to see competition in the "forms that don't suck" category, it makes sure we keep upping our game ;)
Typeform is my go to. Will be interesting to see this space evolve with so many new entrants.
@dshan i also use typeform and have been really happy with it. having said that, this does look like an interesting contender and i'm also very interested to see how the "sexy survey" movement progresses.
Hi @iamjohnp I like the "sexy survey concept", as we've been working with it to change the way that you engage your customers. We are also placing a big emphasis on results with our interactive data visualizations, something that others seem to not care about and only give you a pie chart. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.
@iamjohnp @dshan @rmnescobar "sexy survey"... I LIKE IT! We say it a lot here, but we've never used it in our marketing materials. Maybe we should... ;)
@Rmnescobar i'm interested to see how the data side differs between survmetrics and typeform. i'll play around with both and compare. any tools to help me better analyze results are a welcome addition :)
@iamjohnp We have a robust analytics engine focused on interacting with your data, and use a lot of graphs and data visualizations. Would you like a live demo? I think that we can set up a live Hangout to show all the Product Hunters our way to take care of data. Cc @bswen @utekkare @CynthiaSchames @dshan @kwdinc @rrhoover
Beautiful Surveys.
Beautifully created surveys that really make your brand stand out! If visual representation is important to you, check out Survmetrics. If should be!
Hi, I'm Bernardo co-founder of Survmetrics. We've been working really hard in creating a product that will disrupt the way companies interact with their customers by going beyond your traditional survey and creating an experience around your customers where you can engage and transmit your branding as well get the feedback you need. You should check this out
@bernardo_nh hey bernardo, used you today: people said "nice survey platform!" without me asking, so that's great! Creating a survey - a couple times i was like, "what am i supposed to do here?" Particularly it's not super clear that changing the font on the Intro page will change font everywhere, and it's not clear that you have to click "Apply to screen" to make background changes stick. Also, you can tell I did not need an Intro page but I don't think I could get rid of it. Finally, in sharing the app, from my dashboard, the share link is right next to the "Delete" button which is confusing. Lastly, based on my results URL it seems like it would be pretty easy for me to look at other survey's results if I had the URL. Not sure if that's true. Anyways, that's just critical UX feedback and I'm not going to take the time to point out the specifically great parts :) Really enjoyed it and would definitely use it again now that I've figured it out though.
@cjl49 Hi Calvin, thanks for all the feedback. I'm really glad that you liked it. Some really great and exiting features are coming in the following weeks and I'll definitely take all your comments in consideration for this new release. As for your results don't worry all your information is secure, nobody but you can access it. is just our own short url for our surveys. If there's anything else I can do for you or you have some further feedback please don't hesitate to contact me. Nice survey by the way ;)
@bernardo_nh We need help with a very simple thing, yet we have not received any response from your team in more than a week about our issue. Can you do anything about it?