Powerful surveys integrated with Intercom. Run quick surveys in the Intercom Messenger or send them via email. Collect users’ responses and add them to Intercom as tags, events, or attributes.

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Hello Hunters! Thanks for hunting us @pietruszynski ! We’re super excited to be back on Product Hunt! We’ve been quiet for a while but not without reason. We’ve been working tirelessly on a new set of integrations. Do you remember our Intercom integration which let you run surveys in the Intercom Messenger App or via email? Well, it has gotten A LOT better!! It’s so good you can’t afford not to try it (unless you like missing out on the good things). Here is why: It’s super fast - questions now load at the light speed! It increases survey engagement and completion rate - customers/leads no longer have to leave the Intercom Messenger to answer the survey. NPS surveys are submitted instantly, without the need to click the submit button. 60% completion rates, here we come! Get even more user insights - we included a comment section in single and multiple answer questions to offer your users a possibility to add more information. Integrating Intercom with Survicate is effortless, and only requires one click of a button in Intercom. Enrich your Intercom with some invaluable insights about your users to make it even more effective. We think it was worth the wait, but check for yourselves and let us know what you think. We love feedback :) We offer a free version, so you have no excuse not to test it :) Special thanks to the entire team @Intercom, especially to @erskingardner and @xaqread1, we wouldn't have made it without you, you guys rock! P.S We have a special deal for you Hunters, if you get our Professional Package you’ll get 30% off for 3 months.
@pietruszynski @intercom @xaqread1 @kamilrejent Thanks! It's fantastic to see the app finally launch here on Product Hunt!
Amazing stuff! works seamlessly
This integration does wonders for collecting more NPS survey responses!
It really is incredibly easy to integrate Survicate with Intercom. One click of a button that's all it takes!