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Happy to answer any questions about how the integration works.
@jwwarner Is it just for US based audiences? Or do you have surveys for people in other countries? Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Czech Rep. would be areas of interest (in addition to US). I see on the pricing page you charge clients more for International -- but there wasn't much info on the Publisher side of things.
How do you prevent faulty survey answers? People just selecting "A" for example on all answers to finish fast and read the post?
@talantorriero Thanks for your question. We employ various tactics to minimize fraudulent responses: 1.) We track every response to the millisecond, and discard responses that we know were provided too quickly (we have models that tie question length/complexity to answer speeds) 2.) We identity "straight-liners" (e.g., respondents answering A-A-A-A) and can discard them 3.) We discard any responses that contains a gibberish/invalid free response answer 4.) We lay trap questions to identify publishers not providing quality visitors, and stop working with them