Call an Uber to the nearest location without surge pricing

#3 Product of the DayNovember 06, 2014

SurgeProtector finds locations close to you with lower surge pricing and helps call an Uber to those spots.

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Uber revoking their API access in 3...2...1
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Awesome. I'm curious how this works behind the scenes.
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Hey! I made this more-or-less over a weekend with my roommate @qnikhil. Uber's been super cool with supporting our API requests. Ask away!
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@tomhschmidt @qnikhil: Obligatory Android release date question :)
@iambarronroth definitely something we want to do, but probably focusing just on iOS for next 2-3 weeks.
@tomhschmidt: Sounds good! I hear @therealjfrantz has some jaw-dropping Androiddev skills! Ask him about his Google project ;)
This looks awesome. Would be interesting to see if it could estimate when surge pricing would end in your area based on nearby prices too.
Nice idea. However the first review you have in the app store for a one day old app says: "Has saved me from surge pricing countless times. Thanks surgeprotector!" That may raise a flag in Apple review that the review isn't a valid review, or came from the developer. You don't want Apple suspending you for fake reviews.