Supscrib is the new way of receiving newsletters and messages.

Start de-cluttering your mailbox by switching to a Supscrib account for newsletters and mailing list subscriptions.

- You can subscribe anonymously to newsletters

- Your can easily block or reject publishers

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Great product! Would be nice if the application grabs all your subscriptions from your email and send them to the supscrib platform.
Hi @iamzb_ . Yes that’s definitely something I will be looking at. Thanks for the feedback. and feedbin already have this feature.
@dustying Feedbin does look pretty similar! @frpatry what are some of the differentiators that Supscrib has, compared to something like Feedbin?
@dustying @nicksimard features are pretty similar, the difference is the modal. The idea behind the system is to go beyond email-type newsletters and provide a platform for publishers to create optimal reading experience. That’s the next step.
Bring the "social" MyBlogLog added to blogs back in the day, to emails 😃 Here's the product idea for a mobile, social email newsletter I almost built a few years ago. Perhaps it'll give you an idea or two for your product:
Thought about a product like this a long time ago and was surprised nobody made it. There was another project on PH but they curated the newsletter you could sign up for (at least in the beginning). Will check this out!
@y_molodtsov Thanks Yury. Let me know what you think after you check it out.
I miss so many newsletters because they are lost in my inbox, this is a great idea!
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron. That’s the thing, there are so many good newsletter and offers in those emails but somehow emails are not quite the medium to read those.
@aaronoleary I think the real problem is most newsletters are crap. There are very, very few that are super valuable/interesting/compelling -- on a regular basis.