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Niyathi Chakrapani is a co-founder of Amsterdam Fluidics, the developer of a microfluidics chip that allows more efficient encapsulation of drugs, with applications in chemotherapy and elsewhere. In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Niyathi is also a published poet, non-profit founder, and Huffington Post writer, all as a freshman at Penn. Find out more about Amsterdam Fluidics here: www.amsterdamfluidics.com/ A few of the topics we discussed: 00:37 Amsterdam Fluidics and Drug Encapsulation 03:53 Early Experiences with Life Sciences and Entrepreneurship 09:50 Mentors, Elizabeth Holmes, and Female Role Models 13:49 From Poetry to The Huffington Post 17:16 Time Management and Priorities 21:37 Changing the World If you like hearing stories from tech founders and technologists, make sure you follow the Supreme Clientele podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play Music!