Single edged razor. Elegant and razor burn free.

The Single Edge, a single blade razor crafted to provide the best shave of your life for the rest of your life.

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I was telling founder Patrick that I'm a (unfortunate) backer of Beluga Razor that seems to be having trouble shipping and I have been on the look out for a substitute. I love how simple and elegant this razor looks. It's something you wouldn't hide in your medicine cabinet, but proudly display in the bathroom like a piece of art. I also like the movement back to single blade razors. It delivers much less razor burn, but can take slightly longer to complete the shave (well worth it if you ask me). The cost of replacement blades (less than 50¢ a pop) doesn't hurt either.
Thanks for hunting us @kristofertm! I designed the Single Edge after years of frustration with multi-blade razors. Razor burn and ingrown hairs were a daily occurrence for me, until I came across the old-school style of shaving with a single blade (thanks, Art of Manliness!). Shaving with a single blade "injector" style razor literally changed my life overnight. The Single Edge is our interpretation and reinvention of the vintage Schick injector razors that were popular in the early and mid 1900's. These razors were known for being extremely easy to use and irritation free. The razor accepts standard injector blades - which are still in production today after 90 years (even though the handles are not). Our interpretation of this classic Americana razor is made of solid stainless steel, and guaranteed for life. This week, we're offering Product Hunt users 10% off their purchase with the code PRODUCTHUNT - along with the free shipping and killer customer support we offer every day. Thanks everyone!
Design looks solid. Classic lines in a contemporary product. Great mix.
The cost savings over cartridges is significant. The quality of shave is so much better. A few notes: good shaving soap and lathering with the brush give better results for me than foam or gel from a can. Also, shaving with the direction the hair grows, then from the side of the direction, and only then, against the direction it grows, gets smoother without irritation. The idea isn't to remove all hair in one go, but reduce it to nothing in these steps. It works great. The cool thing about Supply is that it's customizable - there are three plates that change the feel of shave, by increasing the amount of blade exposure in micro amounts. You'll be able to get the kind of shave results you want. Worth it. Also, Patrick's customer service response time is incredible.
@vmarks I had no idea how big a difference the brush and lather cream could make until I tried them
How is this different than an old school safety razor?
@jeffbajayo great question. You're likely referring to Double Edge (DE) safety razors. Our razor is a reinvention of an old style of razor known as an "injector" razor. It uses single-edged injector blades that are twice as thick as DE blades and load easily using the included injector cartridge. Many guys who try injectors prefer them to DE razors because they are easier to use and the thicker blades provide a more comfortable shave.