Instantly relieve backpack strain + improve your posture


Currently the #3 project on Kickstarter, SuperStraps is the world’s first and only backpack booster that instantly relieves shoulder and back tension + lifts 27 pounds of force off your neck. Our patent-pending technology hides behind your backpack straps and activates in just 1 second flat. When you feel your backpack getting heavy, SuperStraps instantly makes your backpack feel lighter and unloads the tension on your shoulders, back and neck. It allows you to walk upright with great posture and makes your favorite backpack ergonomic.

It's made by the team at BetterBack and is available for 35-50% on Kickstarter for a limited time.

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I got to use some Super Straps prototypes on several day hikes and I was always surprised with the mount of relief I felt when I activated the arcs. So awesome!


Light and thin on my backpack straps, And always there when I needed them.


Only used the prototypes, but very excited for the real deal!


It's a scam. When you look closer, you realize there's a lot of nonsense in the SuperStraps advertisement.

-It's not similar to pulling your backpack forward. It doesn't create that same horizontal force. It creates a vertical force, pulling things together. Exactly like tightening existing straps.

-The load does NOT get distributed over a larger area. Logically, the force is on the inner part, against your body. You know, like your existing straps.

-The foam is similar to the foam you have on your backpack. And if you don't have foam backpack straps, I suggest you buy a new backpack and not these straps. Also, memory foam wouldn't work any better, because it would get squashed by the pressure against your body.

-The benefits assigned to this are the benefits of tightening your backpack straps (closer to spine, better posture). The 27 lbs claim seems to come from thin air.

My advice: just tighten your existing backpack straps! SuperStraps are just another redundant product this company is selling.




-No added benefit compared to tightening existing straps.

-Lots of bogus claims.


-Reviews by friends of the creator.


I love to use this products


Easy to use at once


no cons so far

i have had this for about a month now and normally i just have training shoes and a water bottle in my backpack but yesterday went shopping and it absolutely helps.

how ever if you have a big backpack with multiple ways of customizing the straps to your body type then i don't think it will do anything.


it feels way better on your shoulders.


it is a bit tricky to but on if you have a backpack with wide straps.

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