Supernova V6

Turn sketch into iOS, android, react and flutter in minutes

#1 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2019
Supernova takes mobile designs created in Sketch and transforms them into production interface code for iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter. Supporting native components, native animations, native layouts, navigation, localizations and many more features.
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Hello Hunters and Huntresses! I am Jiri, CEO of Supernova, the first design/development platform that truly focuses on clean conversion of mobile designs into the production-ready code. Today, we are releasing Archon, our bleeding-edge tech that we've been working on for several months. First, let me be honest with you - creating a working code conversion is hard, like really hard. Not only the code needs to be perfect so developers even consider using it, but the ideal conversion platform also needs to handle pretty much every unique design, be customizable, robust enough to handle large projects and more. Archon is a culmination of our efforts to help developers to make their work more efficiently, and to help designers to own a bigger part of the process (ideally, the entire interface creation). The old Supernova had several issues, the most severe being that the designs from Sketch didn't import properly most of the times. We have created a system that can take pretty much every design out there and present it properly for you to then continue adding animations, making navigation maps and using many more features Supernova provides. Specifically, the new engine we've created adds the following: - (nearly) Flawless Sketch import - Our own rendering engine, making the rendering about 50 times faster - Much much faster import - Synchronization of design changes in Sketch - Support for all the missing Sketch features, such as overrides, styles and more - Almost twice as many configurable properties for each native component All those changes make Supernova much more pleasant to use and result in vastly better quality of the generated code. We are also adding support for a new export platform - Flutter, joining the already existing ones - iOS, Android and React Native, and supporting a full range of features that Supernova has to offer. We hope you'll love those new updates. If you want to learn more, just hop over to our blog where we go into details of each feature: Thank you and AMA!

I created an overview video about my experience with Supernova Studio if anyone wants to learn more about it: There is still so much about this product to explore and try. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They made animations super easy and fun to do. I hear they will be expanding the animation studio in the next couple versions. Really looking forward to this! Supernova is also a great training tool when it comes to development as you can see all the code needed to produce awesome UI.


I love being able to take anyone's Sketch UI Kit and see how to do that UI in code. I also love creating animations within it.


Importing from Adobe XD would also be awesome. But I hear that is coming out soon.

It is saving me months of work in a complex product, letting me iterate and adapt designs. I'm focused on iOS at present but the Kotlin generation looks good enough I'll be using it soon!


Generates fairly clean, smart Swift code and iOS UI. Great animation & hi-fi prototyping inc localised code.


Some layout stuff could be smarter.

it's awesome!!!
@timur_giniyatullin Thank you, means a lot <3