Mark Moeykens
Mark Moeykens reviewedSupernova V6Turn sketch into iOS, android, react and flutter in minutes

I love being able to take anyone's Sketch UI Kit and see how to do that UI in code. I also love creating animations within it.


Importing from Adobe XD would also be awesome. But I hear that is coming out soon.

I created an overview video about my experience with Supernova Studio if anyone wants to learn more about it: There is still so much about this product to explore and try. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They made animations super easy and fun to do. I hear they will be expanding the animation studio in the next couple versions. Really looking forward to this! Supernova is also a great training tool when it comes to development as you can see all the code needed to produce awesome UI.

Mark Moeykens has used this product for one month.