Superhost Tools for Airbnb

Open source messaging and pricing tool for Airbnb hosts

A free and open-source automated messaging/review and pricing engine for Airbnb hosts.

  • Pros: 


    Easy to use


    not great on mobile phone but its still usable

    I had to post here because I saw some negative comments and my experiance has been exactly the oposite. I‘ve even contacted Tom through the site when i was confused about how the pricing tool worked and he was very helpful Which was really surprising considering its free

    Glenn Roberts has used this product for one year.
  • Chel r
    Chel rRdh dh inc




    Superhost tools helps Airbnb hosts automate their messages and pricing. This service is for hosts. It is easy to use. Tom gives great support. The messaging system is very reliable It's very inexpensive compared to competitors

    Chel r has used this product for one year.
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Tom Krones
Tom KronesMaker@tkrones
Hey All. I would be happy to answer any questions about the product, my motivation or feature additions if anyone is interested.
Sterling Bourne
Sterling Bourne@bb8orr2d2 · L100 Web Developer
I logged in but the menu system doesn’t work in iOS safari browser which is a no-go if I can’t use the website on a mobile device.