Super Mail Quest

A retro RPG, completely playable in your email


Super Mail Quest is a retro rpg that you can play right in your email.

Aaron is doing some pretty amazing things within the limitations of email. That being the case, it won't work in all email clients (most significantly, gmail). If you want to check out the experience in your browser, take a look at:

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5 Reviews5.0/5

This is an absolutely bonkers email experience, considering all of the limitations that come with developing for email. You can't use javascript, lots of css isn't support, media queries are spotty... I could go on and on.

If you have any interest in coding, email, gaming, design or just plain old cool stuff, you need to try this.


Really fun!


An insane use of email.


Email client support.

i like games like this, thanks


unsual story and mechanics


not yet