Sup 2

Watch videos from around the world. Sup robots. Get weird.

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Sup is weird. I downloaded it after @liveink hunted its initial release, 4 months ago. It was silly and I used it a few times but it didn't stick with me. Poking my friends to see what they're doing more than a few times feels a little strange. @lehrblogger, @nickmeyer, and @bartjstein just released a big update, adding a social feed of public sups (that's what we're calling them, right?) and "robot sups" (ie, cameras setup in specific locations that you can control). I just watched a lady drink coffee at Underline Coffee: Sup me. I'm rrhoover.
@rrhoover @liveink @lehrblogger @nickmeyer Thanks Ryan! Sup 2 is completely new (literally every screen). The biggest fundamental change is you can now share your Sups when they're over. These looping video "recaps" allow our community from around the world to more easily discover each other. Check out this one from Mexico: You'll also find in Sup 2 the ability to Sup local businesses like coffee shops who are using a custom version of the app to automatically respond to commands. This part of the product will continue to grow as more and more businesses sign up to easily add live video to their venues. I hope the PH community enjoys. Email me feedback at!