Nikolai Lebedovsky
Nikolai Lebedovsky reviewedSunsama for macOSIf Trello & Google Calendar had a baby - now for Mac

Easy to use, helps to GTD


Sometimes the window disappears, have to restart the app

Use it for 3 weeks now. Really like it! Would love to see a pomodoro timer built in.

UPDATE Sept 6: Just upgraded to paid Pro version. Love it.

Things I miss:

- Mobile App

- Pomodoro Timer

Will see what can I achieve with the API (it is included in PRO version) and will report back.

Nikolai Lebedovsky has used this product for one month.
Rodrigo Bernardino
Rodrigo Bernardino@rbbernardino
Hello there! I was reading your comment and saw you missed a Pomodoro Timer. I would recommend PomoDone, it integrates with nearly any productivity app around there and it's free! The premium features are just some extra stuff, all the main functionality is free. Give it a try!