An autonomous robotic shade that tracks the sun ๐ŸŒž

Although a much cheaper umbrella will do the job, this is sooooo cool.
ShadeCraft is a robotic and tech start up based in Los Angeles that created the worldโ€™s first autonomous solar powered robotic shading system that connects consumers to the smart home ecosystem and the IoT through AI integration. We will change the way consumers live outside their home forever, providing entertainment, home security, convenience of solar charging at their home as well as locations such as the beach, camping, etc. Our first product (released at CES), is SUNFLOWER. It has a multitude of sensors including cameras that store images and security data, wind sensor, proximity sensor, etc. We are a B2C and B2B company. Our products are connected to our application SmartShade, which is a portal to the IoT and the smart home ecosystem.