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SummitSync provides the only conference and trade show meeting automation platform that drives better sales meetings and marketing ROI. Identify the right prospects, organize meetings efficiently, and track activity throughout the entire funnel.
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Cool product @al_torres1 Is this something that can also be used from an attendee? When I speak and goto conferences there are a number of companies I want to speak. I want to be sure I introduce myself and try and make a connection to do business in the future.
@al_torres1 @kensavage Hey Ken, great question! SummitSync can be used for sales teams that attend conferences and trade shows. The meeting automation platform scans your CRM to see which prospects are likely to be at the same show as you, and from there you can reach out with your personalized meeting link to pre-book a meeting. Everything you do is automatically logged back to your Salesforce! Let me know if you have any other questions!
Hi ProductHunt 👋. My name is Al Torres and I’m one of the founders of SummitSync. We’re excited to show off what we’ve been working on now for 2 years. Our mission was to make your meetings at trade shows as simple and seamless as possible to schedule and maximize your time. With SummitSync you’ll be able to book, manage, and measure your team’s sales meetings at trade shows all from one Salesforce-integrated, mobile-friendly platform. Over 10,000+ people from companies like Amazon, Google, Dell, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Siemens, SAP, ST Micro System, IBM, Cloudera, Avent Inc., CSA Group, and Mastercard have used SummitSync to schedule meetings at conferences and trade shows. We want to make your trade show attendance/sponsorship is as profitable as possible. To do this, we answer the 3 major questions all conference and trade show attendees or sponsors have: 1. WHO SHOULD I TARGET? Predictive targeting helps identify which of your CRM prospects will be at the same event as you. 2. HOW DO I MEET THEM? Pre-book sales meetings and locations with the click of a button. 3. WHAT’S MY ROI? Evaluate sales team performance at every event and receive future event recommendations. And I want to thank all Product Hunt visitors with 50% off their annual license if they sign by 09/30. Jennifer Bowman, SummitSync’s marketing manager, and I will be here all day so if there are any questions please let us know. We have lots of information, how-tos, and case studies in our resources section, too!
As someone that used to work very closely with trade show reps, this tool is invaluable in maximizing sales rep's time and will help them focus on selling, not scheduling! very valuable product and one that should be a huge asset to all trade show reps everywhere.
@margoglover That's so great to hear! And that's also the overall feedback we've received from the community so far, so seems like we're on the right track!
What a great platform, I believe this will add incredible value to sales reps! Great work!
@michelle_zuchowicki Thank you so much! We appreciate it!
Very cool technology!