Investing how you least expect it

#2 Product of the DayAugust 01, 2014
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Love how they're tapping into the psychology of impulse purchases and putting it to work with impulse investing. If they integrated with Pinterest, my remodel-the-house budget would be in much better shape.
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@lauraschultink completely agree with this. Flipping impulse purchasing on its head.
@lauraschultink Glad you like it. We're not on Pinterest as of yet, but it's in the queue...and mine would be in better shape as well!
@lauraschultink Agreed. Looking forward to getting access to try it out. I wonder how or if they'll look to gamify it. A lot of people will put another few bucks into savings if it got them points or a new badge right now.
I can't believe this was built by a bank. Very cool idea, but simple has a very similar feature called "goals" that will automatically deduct the exact amount needed day by day depending on how much money you want to save by what date. It's legit.
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@torbahax Thank you, we've surprised a lot of our own folks as well. This is early days for us with a lot of interesting things to come. Stay tuned.
Hashtag investing is a really neat idea! I noticed Sumday was created by BNY Mellon. Now, can we invest in Bitcoin with it?
@spencernoon Hey thanks! We’re not integrated with cryptocurrencies yet, but maybe #sumday. Stay tuned…
What a gorgeous website. Oh, and I really like the idea too.
@NikkiElizDemere Thank you Nichole! Our designer is blushing...request an invite code and hopefully you'll be as pleased with the service too! #sumday
Quite clever. Is it only available in the US?
@jamesepember Thanks James. Right now we’re only up and running in the States, but other markets are clearly in our future.