Never forget to cancel a subscription again

Subscrybe is a chrome extension that saves your subscriptions right as you make them.
Whenever a subscription is set to renew, we send you a text reminding you, so you never get charged for something you haven't used.
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Hi PH, I love trying out new products, which results in me often signing up for free trials and subscription services. However I often end up getting charged for these services after trying them out, simply because I would forget to cancel. Tried using reminders, but would forget to set those as well. Built out a simple solution, that doesn't require you to connect your bank account like other subscription managers or add subscriptions manually. Simply autofills the important stuff at checkout(price, billing dates) and keeps you updated. Hope it helps!
Omg I needed this app, keeps all my subscriptions in check
Going to share this with my friends, such a life saver!
Nice one @moizahmed1 🎉 I am constantly finding myself paying for subscriptions I don't use when I go back and look at my bank transactions which I don't do as regularly as I should. Will be great to have a more proactive reminder on when subscriptions are nearly due so I can Marie Kondo them if they are not bringing me joy anymore. Could you share a bit about the roadmap? What are some additional features you have mind?
@mattcrail Hey Matt, appreciate the comment. Some features that are in the works are, 1. Ability to sync Google and Apple Pay subscriptions(retrospectively and going forward) 2. Showing alternative subscriptions at checkout that are cheaper.
This is amazing! I don’t know how many times I forget about subscriptions that I sign up for !