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Never regret subscribing to a mailing list again πŸ’Œ

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2020
Have you ever signed up for a product or service only to be bombarded by useless marketing and subscription emails?
Subscription Score is a browser extension that allows you to see the reputation of mailing lists *before* you give them your email address.
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Hey Product Hunt! It's Danielle & James here, makers of Leave Me Alone - the Golden Kitty side project of the year 2019! It's been just over a year since we launched Leave Me Alone to the world on Product Hunt, and since then we've had nearly 20,000 users, and have seen over 1,200,000 subscription emails. 🌀 The story β˜€οΈ Leave Me Alone was designed as a way to help users take back control of their email accounts from subscription spam, but in mid-2019 we begun to realize that we were in a unique situation to help further. What if by using the metadata of subscriptions we saw, we could create a system to identify good and bad mailing lists? πŸ€” πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ The validation πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ We built and trialed this functionality within Leave Me Alone, ending in our v2.0 launch late last year. The ranking system was well received, and from within the app our users could now see which emails were worth keeping and which were not. Our initial intention was simply to help our Leave Me Alone users. However, we quickly realized we could take this concept further and find a way to help users not just take back, but keep control of their mailboxes. πŸ’― The solution βœ… Introducing Subscription Score, a browser extension that identifies bad mailing lists associated with the webpage you are on, and notifies you if you almost give away your email address to them. Using our extension you can now possess all the facts before you choose to subscribe. πŸ“£ FAQ πŸ’» We've been lucky to have a great group of beta users who have helped us by asking hard questions and putting the extension through it's paces. Here are some of our answers... β†’ Where does the data for the score come from? When people use Leave Me Alone we store some metadata about subscription emails we see including unsubscribe rate, frequency and a few other statistics. All of this data goes into the mixing bowl with our unique algorithm to generate a score. From the scores we derive a percentile rank from A+ to F. We don't pretend that the algorithm is perfect, but we are working on improving it every day, so it will get better! β†’ What makes a good mailing list? We expect a mailing list with a good score to have a low unsubscribe rate (indicating high quality & relevant content), and an easy unsubscribe process. Mailing lists wont necessarily be penalized for a high number of sent emails, so long as the quality is high. β†’ How often are scores updated? Scores are currently recalculated every day. β†’ Will you share the algorithm? Nooo, right now we think that sharing the algorithm will not be in the best interest of users, as that information could be abused. Though we might change our minds about this in the future. It will however be constantly evolving as we try to provide the most accurate information. We have also open-sourced the extension code so we can be as transparent in our approach in possible. You can also suggest changes from within the extension settings if you feel a score is drastically wrong. More questions? Please ask below! ⭐ Special thanks ⭐ - Thanks to @aaronoleary for hunting us again! - Thank you @iamarnob and @mshra_ji for creating us an amazing logo GIF! We love you guys! - Thanks sooooo much to all our Leave Me Alone users, we couldn't be here without you ❀️ - Thanks to our amazing beta testers, you don't know how much you help us get ready for launch πŸš€ πŸ€— And a BIG thanks to all Product Hunt users again for being there with us every step along the way! This time we'd like to offer you a huge 50% discount when you purchase a yearly license. This discount will be active for the next 24 hours only! ⏰ Aaaand that's my comment done, now it's your turn! We'll be here all day to answer questions! We look forward to hearing them, and as always ENJOY YOUR CLEAN INBOX! πŸ’ŒπŸ™…β€β™€οΈ
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Back by popular demand, the Leave Me Alone team has launched a new product.... They MAY have outdone themselves again with this handy little extension. Subscription Score has been helping me cut down on unwanted newsletter overload before it ever happens! Enjoy the well deserved celebratory 🍾on yet another great product launch @jamesivings @dinkydani21 :)
@dinkydani21 @bmweinstein Thanks for your continued support Brendan, and thanks for helping us with the beta testing!
Great data representation -- no one in a usual occasion would want to view more than the four key data points you highlight with colored titles. And a list of scores along the letters in inbox is a nice way to provide an overview. E.g. if I'd see that most of my letters are F, I'd want to clean up a bit. Hope this feature is easily disabled though! Wouldn't want to get distracted when I'm already happy with my inbox. Looking forward to more useful features after you get some initial feedback!
@valentine_erokhin Thanks so much! Quite a bit of iteration went into it. The Gmail setting is off by default and needs to be enabled, so it wont get in your way πŸ˜‡
As usual awesome and innovative stuff by Leave me alone team, glad I and @mshra_ji could able to help you guys :)
@mshra_ji @iamarnob6543 Thanks again guys! πŸ₯°
@mshra_ji @iamarnob6543 srsly I never want to launch anything without an awesome animated gif from you two <3
Great idea, congrats on the launch. As a newsletter owner/sender, I'd also love to check my own score, to see how I can improve things for the recipients. Kind of how credit scoring works.
@yungrollneck Yes the next step for us is to make a easy way to enter a email address and generate a report, in a similar way to how tools like work.