Your own personal stylist. All hits, no misses.

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@karnsaroya and team are building a pandora-style recommendation engine for fashion that is, in my humble opinion, beautifully designed and very functional. They've already indexed hundreds of brands, thousands of inspiration photos, and millions of individual product skus for your viewing pleasure. There is both a web app and mobile app, and each is quite distinct from the other. There are also 2 landing pages. I used the mobile page in the link, but you'll find the web page in the related section above. It's purty. They have seen 80%+ WoW growth since launching 8 weeks ago and are eager to get feedback.
Thanks @guygal! Here to answer any questions you may have about @Stylekick :)
Awesome team. Awesome product!
@karnsaroya why did you set out to build this? I've met you in person and you don't necessarily scream fashion-obsessed ;)
hey @karnsaroya there's been a lot of pushback in, say, music, against the idea that algorithms can pick better than people. how do you think this matches up in fashion? side note: my sister's a personal stylist :P