Chat, Connect & Express your true self anonymously.

StupidChat is not just a messaging platform, it's an Anonymous Social Network which let's you make friends on the go in real time. It's secret, safe and too much fun being anonymous and share anything you want with out being judged for your race, religion or anything by society. Platform is complete safe with behaviour rating system and anonymity.

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Like the idea and the execution, but don't think that word stupid is the best fit. The product seems better associated with some synonym to freedom.
@mykola_tymkiv ditto! i think that the word stupid has too many negative connotations to engage users
@mykola_tymkiv Thank you so much for your time to take a look at StupidChat. We understand there are some restrictions to the name Stupid but we wanted to put it forward that even simple people who are not bothered about the society or judgement for their behaviour sometimes being stupid is the new intelligence and we want to make it happy and fun thing for people to say that "Yes! I am stupid and I am happy about that."
@mykola_tymkiv @passingnotes thanks for your valuable feedback. we will think on this as we are still in beta and taking note of every feedback very seriously to make product perfect market fit. Thank you again.
@mykola_tymkiv Please share some of your thoughts regarding few name suggestions as cool and suitable for this. We would love to hear your feedback on app concept and anything you want to have better :)
@mykola_tymkiv @passingnotes Dear David, Please share your thoughts on product name. We are excited to welcome few cool names from the community and really help feedback to make the product better.
Works on mobile data only, and asks for a birthday and gender despite meaning to be an anonymous service (yes, I gave false info, but what's the point of asking?). I'll give this a shot, but I foresee myself renaming this Uninstalled Chat soon.
@idahole_dot_com Thank you for your review. I understand your concern the platform is completely Anonymous but to keep the platform safe and make other people interact in much better way we need the gender and DOB e.g: some one might want to talk to a Male of age in 20s. or a female in 30s . So to accomplish that we needed the gender and dob. Plus to keep the platform above age group 13+ we need this verification. We have something more cool coming up on StupidChat in next few updates for that Dob and Gender will play a crucial end. As they say it's never a end we are just starting few cool new feature is coming up.
Actually pretty cool thing as a starter of conversation . Since a lot of people just need tech to speak up lol
@matusdubrava Hey thank you for your awesome comment, really appreciate. We are so delighted to have so many people on board and make the platform more engaging and super cool for everyone to be the best anonymous social network in the world. Being Stupid is the new Intelligence.
@matusdubrava Yeah! I agree with that... Lots of people in Bay Area or places where tech startups are happening want to share their knowledge with totally random people.
@matusdubrava Btw it's pretty nice to hear the idea and this sound pretty cool for adding a feature for tech enthusiasts to share and get feedback about their ideas anonymously without the fear of loosing anything in the process. Sometimes anonymity gives best advices and answers to our questions.
@anandsoniindia @souravkarmakar yeah lol. but I also meant that especially young people nowadays are just totally used to technology and for them it's natural to firstly just write something through whatever device than just knocking on you shoulder. I prefer good portion of both
@anandsoniindia @matusdubrava Absolutely, couldn't agree more.

Lemme enjoy this app :P


This is a newer version for Tinder


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