Airbnb for photo studios

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As a photographer/artist I had this idea a little while ago so I took an evening to build it! Lets make it a success Product Hunt! Thanks so much for the support.
Cool to see others building fast and trying to validate on minimal builds but this does look suspiciously verbatim on tag line, placeholder listing, terms, about, how it works, etc of that I recently launched here. Would be nice to see others find their own identity through their products even if similar.
@yoroomie I'm sure the guys at airbnb would say the same thing re your website design and the concept in general...
@studiolightt This looks really nice! And "took and evening to build it?" Holy cow! That's fast. Can I ask what technologies were used to build it? Seems like the credit card processing, etc., alone would take longer than an evening (or at least for me they would). ;)