AirBnB for dance and yoga studios

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Seth Louey
Seth LoueyHunter@sethlouey · 🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
StudioGo is a community marketplace that connects dance and yoga pros with the studio space they need for classes, rehearsals and performances. this is an incredible idea for the health and wellness industry.
Charles Jo
Charles Jo@charlesjo · Creator, Startup Study Group (SSG)
@sethlouey @husseinyahfoufi seems like a product that should exist
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
Jessica Yahfoufi
Jessica YahfoufiMaker@jessicayahfoufi · co-founder StudioGo,
Hi! This is Jessica, co-founder of StudioGo. Originally, this idea was a Latin music based mommy & me dance class designed for my daughter and her toddler pals! Super fun to create a dance class for former dancers and their kids but not-so-fun to work out the logistics of finding space. That simple challenge inspired StudioGo and now we’re committed to helping others find space to dance AND get more people dancing! Thanks for checking us out. We'd love to hear what you think.
Adam Greenwald
Adam Greenwald@agreenwaldhq · Founder, Montclair Collective
@jessicayahfoufi nice site. looks like you made this with a marketplace creator service? correct?
Russell@dangerussfry · Owner & Founder
@jessicayahfoufi nice job Jessica!
Evelynn Mimi Jae
Evelynn Mimi Jae@im_mimijae
@jessicayahfoufi omg!!! I LOVE you for creating this! 😘🙌👏👍💃👯
Hussein Yahfoufi
Hussein YahfoufiMaker@husseinyahfoufi · Family and Tech.
@im_mimijae @jessicayahfoufi you are awesome, would love your feedback once you get a chance to check things out
Evelynn Mimi Jae
Evelynn Mimi Jae@im_mimijae
@husseinyahfoufi for me, it's just nice knowing that renting a studio is affordable and possible. I've been trying to look for classes and opportunities to receive training and choreography.
Liam B
Liam B@liambws ·
This is a pretty cool idea!
Hussein Yahfoufi
Hussein YahfoufiMaker@husseinyahfoufi · Family and Tech.
This is Hussein, co-founder of StudioGo. I’ve had the honor of wearing the Maker badge a few times - the feeling never gets old and the gratification of seeing something you worked hard for go live and get featured is always humbling and exciting. BUT seeing your wife’s picture next to yours with the Maker badge on them, now that is PH Priceless!
Des@desinavadeh · Product, Stack Overflow
Fantastic idea that solves a real problem. Having both studio owner and dance instructor friends, I hear the pain points on both sides. "We need to find rehearsal space!" and "how do we keep our extra studio space rented out?" beg for an on demand solution. Great work friends!