Stubborn Generator it is free set of incredibly 25 cool characters and 50 background objects. All compnents are editable with Sketcch symbols and Figma components. SVG, PNG also attached. Create a unique story for your next project for free.
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26 Reviews5.0/5
We are so excited​ to introduce you our free Stubborn Generator with 25 incredibly cool characters. Create a unique story mixing styles, scenes, ​and objects. All components are vector based and carefully grouped. Also,​ you can ask me anything​ about this pack, I'm here to answer. Have fun!
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Very nice product)))
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@dmitrygiryaven1 Glad you like it! Thanks!
Absolutely incredible work. Thank you.
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@vglvnt Thank you too, Tim!
Hi Denis, thank you for great illustrations! Is there any way to quickly change skin colors and other colors?
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@susana16 Thanks for your interest! Of course! You can just change colors (skin and clothes) on the left side of artboards and they will be changed everywhere.