Stripe Radar 2.0

Improved fraud prevention with Radar 2.0


We launched Radar in 2016 to help protect our users from fraud. We’ve continuously invested in our fraud prevention tools, we’re excited to launch the result of those efforts.

We’ve also honed features to be even more useful to fraud professionals, built new features, and packaged them all together in a new bundle called Radar for Fraud Teams.

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Tom Zsomborgi
  • Pros: 

    The machine learning and the custom rules feature make it super simple to reduce the volume of fraud activity.


    I don't have anything in my mind.

    Radar can help you predict fraud before purchase via machine learning. Since than we don't have to watch the transactions like a hawk, it's automatic and working like a charm. We were able to reduce the fraud signups by 98%. You can read more here

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