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#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 10, 2019
Instantly provision cards, manage your company's spending in real-time, get automatic credit increases, and get cash back on the categories where you spent the most. It's the corporate card we wanted for ourselves.
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Last week Stripe launched Stripe Capital to compete with Clearbanc and other alternative lending solutions. Now they're launching a competitor to Brex and other corporate credit card services. When does Stripe introduce savings and checking accounts to become a full-featured bank? 🤔
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@rrhoover my bet would be by late 2021 they're a full featured bank
@rrhoover seriously - no fintech company is safe
@rrhoover Oooh, yeah... Stripe Checking account! That would be NICE! Someday hopefully.
@rrhoover im down to switch my personal checking account to a stripe one for sure
Philip here from Moonlight! We have been beta testing the Stripe Corporate Card for a couple of months, and I'm excited to see it launch today. As a remote team, our employees encounter incidental costs all the time - such as an Uber to the airport, coffee with a client, replacing a broken power cord, etc. So, we issue every person on the team a corporate card as soon as they join. That way, they never have to front money for the company while they wait for an expense report to process. I'm happy to answer any questions about what the Stripe Corporate Card has been like as an end-user!
@philipithomas We’re really happy we get to work with Moonlight. 🌝 Thanks for being one of the first to use Corporate Card!
@edwinwee Invite submitted for Corp Card
@rumford Amaze! If you want to message me your email, I'd love to have it so we can track it in the queue. :)
@edwinwee Submitted an application. Looks great!
It's a shame it is limited to US citizens. The cashback looks great and all associated benefits look incredible. That's another product that makes me regret to not be a US citizen!
@ouaibou It would be insane to launch across multiple markets at once Laurent. This is how product gets built.
@ouaibou @andupotorac US just to start—we do want to launch in more countries!
@ouaibou have a look at @spendesk ( in Europe. Poke @romain_dalmasso @rodardant @jgoillot
@ouaibou I don't see anything about it only being for US citizens. I founded a US company but am not a US citizen.
@ouaibou The regulatory hurdles that they had to go through to release this product in the US had to cost 10's if not 100's of millions in the US and an insane and relentless focus on product development. And in Europe it would have been way more regulated and outside of their native market. Just a thought!
Brex is doing incredible offer at this point a stronger solution, but interesting to see they moved into that space, also SVB offer the innovator card.
@jqvist what about Brex makes it a stronger solution?
I'm sure the provisioning and management tools will be handy, and the UX will be excellent like everything Stripe, but you're giving up cashback if you go this route. Capital One's Spark Cash offers unlimited 2% cash back on everything - not just limited categories, and other cards from other issuers offer up to 5% in specific categories. Plenty of reasons to consider this card, but cashback isn't really one of them.