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Access to fast, flexible financing to grow your business

#2 Product of the WeekSeptember 05, 2019
Businesses on Stripe rank access to capital as their biggest obstacle to growth. Traditional lenders aren’t set up to serve internet businesses, requiring lengthy applications, collateral, and fixed payment schedules. Stripe Capital cuts through the red tape.
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Congratulations @edwinwee and team for launching this 🚀 I'm sure this is gonna inspire a lot of indie makers who are blocked by finances to get the show started 🙏 Would be really interesting to see this tie into the concept of open startups; seeing how startups and makers use this would be cool 👀
@edwinwee @amrith this is a rock solid strategy to help grow the GDP of the internet!
Smart move and similar value-prop to what Clearbanc has been offering, although Stripe's in a unique position with their proprietary data and strong brand amongst entrepreneurs.
Clearbank could be also more cheaper ( 6%) about capital fee, but sure, Stripe have an incredible privileged position to impact on a big audience of entrepreneurs. It also seems that Stripe provides smaller tiers.
Probably a legitimate game changer. Any chance we can cut to the chase here on PH and post interest and fees in the chat?
@susanclee @harsha_dante -- this is a great idea. do you know when it'll be available to businesses in Europe that use Stripe? Thanks!
There's no timeline yet, but stay tuned!
In Europe area could be disrupted! I hope to see you soon here!
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Great idea. It's very easy to see, how this is going to be a game-changer for a lot of internet businesses. Hopefully, it will make it much easier for founders to scale their business, once they have found a sustainable model!