Introducing the Stripe Billing customer portal. Let your customers:
⬆️ Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a subscription
✏️ Update their payment methods
🧾 View their billing history
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We’re excited to share the Stripe Billing customer portal with you today! We built this so recurring revenue businesses can easily let their customers manage their subscriptions, update payment methods, and view billing history. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the product! We’ll show you how to get started on YouTube at 1 PM PT:
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@jamesfzhang seems awesome! Does it support free trials? My use case would be to collect credit card info then charge after a two week trial. This is a major pain point with Squarespace subscriptions as trials are not supported. Hoping this could be an alternative!
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Been using this for over a month with It's been never so easy and friction-less for my subscribers to churn.
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This is great... SaaS companies are always having to reinvent the wheel with common billing-related implementations. The developer + support burden of tasks like changing plans, viewing past invoices, switching to annual billing, etc. is always a pain and it looks like this addresses those in a very clean way! I love seeing Stripe go further to help reduce this type of burden. I'm glad to see additional features planned too. Updating billing address ("can you add my address to my invoice") is a super common need. Some areas that aren't yet mentioned that I think they could go even further in making seamless: - Handling credit card declining warnings & prompts - Payment methods ("can I pay by wire transfer") - Seamless flow for initial subscription setup too (I think Checkout is an entirely separate feature/integration than this Portal)
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@philfreo thanks for the feedback! great thoughts -- we're definitely interested in doing some of this like expanding our payment method support. curious if you've tried integrating the checkout and portal together yet? they're intended to work together, so we'd love to hear your experience if so. feel free to email at theodora [at] if you try it out!
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@philfreo @theodorachu Not the person you replied to but I have integrated both Checkout and Billing together, and it works really well!
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Wow, this looks fantastic!
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