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With Stripe Atlas, entrepreneurs can easily incorporate a U.S. company, set up a U.S. bank account, and start accepting payments with Stripe.
Christien@clouvi · Managing Partner of
@leanux_bala this is strong!
Pulkit Agrawal@_pulkitagrawal · Building Better Onboarding @trychameleon
@leanux_bala this is awesome - i know so many companies in the UK that wonder whether incorporating in the US will help them raise capital so this seems like this will help spur the startup industry in other places and help even out all the venture density from the US to other parts of the world! great going Stripe!
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, CrowdLoot
@leanux_bala This is pretty awesome. I run my company from Australia and as modern as our banking system is, there are some real challenges in being an AU company targeting US customers and suppliers: - With this, I will no longer need to convert $US sales into $AU for my bank account before I put it back into $US to pay my suppliers - With this, I won't get… See more
Ahmad Awais@mrahmadawais · Full Stack Dev— WordPress Core Developer
@leanux_bala I cannot tell you how stocked I am, after reading about Stripe Atlas. It just might be the solution to every f***ing payment problem my team have been dealing with for past five years (being in a 3rd world country). We are huge fans of Stripe! It's integration the user experience and overall simplicity.
Kamil@kamilszybalski · Growth Entrepreneur. Was @Hootsuitelabs
@leanux_bala Game changer
Ross Blankenship@rossblankenship ·, CEO and Partner
@leanux_bala Tons of potential here for @stripe's growth and impact on entrepreneurs + startups worldwide. We're looking forward to adding Atlas to our portfolio companies... and our own products too. Keep up the great work @BestOfLuk and Stripe growth team! Ross D. Blankenship Angel Investor & Builder |
Charles Jo@charlesjo · Creator, Startup Study Group (SSG)
@leanux_bala very interesting for global startups at SSG.
Ram Rayavarapu@ram_rayavarapu · Founder @CollegeStash. Want Sales Leads
@leanux_bala Thank you Stripe Atlas team.