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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 15, 2019
Copyright infringement is a big problem for any YouTuber. 3 copyright strikes and you're out: demonetized.
The solution: use unique music. We created an algorithm that generates mp3s using recorded sounds by artists.
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Hi Product Hunters! After No Lick Music became product of the day in 2018, something terrible happened. The site was growing fast, but some of my favorite YouTubers using the service were getting copyright strikes because of what I created.. The exact thing I was trying to solve! 😱 Turns out many artists aren't aware of who's collecting royalties on their behalf. Some of the music on our site got signed with labels and distributors after joining us, causing copyright strikes when people would use them on YouTube.. It took me a while until I found the solution, and I'm excited to present it today! Have you ever had a Copy ID Claim? How did you deal with it?
Okay it’s pretty addicting. Had to switch to headphones because my girlfriend doesn’t appreciate my beats as much as I do.
Love the product... Can we do business?
@che_marc thanks! You can reach me at
Just saw you at Pioneer Tournament - lt looks great!
@zavhoz thanks!
Had a quick look ... generated some tracks. The software created some really cool beats
@max_local Wait, it was you and the software!
@bproost Please explain ... I love music. Love dancing but never been any good at 'making' music
@max_local This really is an experiment to approach music production in a different way. The software inspires, but it's you teaching the software what is ok and what isn't for you.
@bproost I for one am glad for your experimental approach to music. So thank you. By the way, can I play those tracks on my channel? Should I email you regarding the do's and don't (its a new platform)
@max_local You can play and use the tracks anywhere, even for commercial use. In videos, podcasts, vlogs, ads, you name it :).