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Yep Jack, this is Noah Lang the CEO and cofounder at Stride chiming in. We were listed last year but we just released a revamped product based on 18 months' worth of user feedback and data. Read the story from our product team here: We leveraged our experience working with independent workers to iterate on the experience we first released in March of 2014, reflected in a powerful NEW experience that now includes a handful of brand spanking new features like Mobile Plan Comparison, Prescription Drug Deals, Preventive Care Visit Planning... and an excellent team of advisors based here in our San Francisco offices to help you manage health care and coverage every day of the year. Happy to take more questions!
was already featured a while back: but I've heard good things

They will not reimburse me for what was admittedly their error.




Do not use Stride. They did not upload my documents to before the deadline resulting in me losing $600 in subsidy.