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Atlassian's new group messaging and video meeting platform


Stride is a new way for teams to talk, meet, decide and do. With group chat & direct messaging, voice and video conferencing, and built-in collaboration tools, Stride is a team communication platform from the makers of Hipchat.

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João Gonçalves
Chris Tennant
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  • Luiser Ortiz
    Luiser OrtizNearsoft

    Nice UX. Marketplace is getting ready with some great integrations like bots to automate processes.


    Not sure yet.

    My team had access to the platform before launch and I have to say communication has very much improved. Using Stand.Bot (an integration) allows us to never forget process and automatically asks for updates.

    Great use of the available space.

    Luiser Ortiz has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    way cheaper than slack, slightly better features (to-dos , decisions)


    Yet another slack clone.

    Slack apps suck performance wise. expecting Atlassian to do a better job there.

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  • Beth Fiedler
    Beth FiedlerHappy Entrepreneur w a PH product 🙌

    Could be a good team tool


    Not sure yet

    Just signed up and can't wait to try it out. It could be a good team tool replacing the Skype and WhatsApp ones

    Beth Fiedler has never used this product.
  • Pros: 



    Not another slack clone 🤦‍♂️

    As if there aren't many slack clones in this world ? Sheer waste of resources

  • vikkio88
    vikkio88I do stuff with computers

    A good idea


    why not improving hipchat instead

    Why not improving hipchat instead of going off a tangent and releasing a totally different product?