Peer to Peer Streaming App

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Membership based PopcornTime?
@zaccoffman Does it cost money? I thought it was free, but a lot of the info is cut off for me.
@bradenhamm Originally it was saying something like a $5.95 membership, but seems that is no longer the case. I assume they realized charging for a piracy tool is far from a good idea. Edit: Also looks like basically nothing has streams anymore as well.
@zaccoffman yea, not only was the interface confusing, but I couldn't get anything to play.
@bradenhamm @zaccoffman works for me, and it's faster than Popcorn Time...
@chrisgeorgiev @zaccoffman Wonder if they've updated something, I know it wasn't working for me on anything. So ended up just deleting it.
Is that legal?
Peer-to-peer is the future!