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At first, the "luck" of finding something actually relevant and interesting on Periscope was fun. That fun slowly wore off as I witnessed too many pointless selfie videos and bathroom sessions. Streamalong's somehow found a way to categorize content. Not sure exactly how they do it. Hopefully the maker jumps in and explains. Anyway, this just made Periscope relevant again (for me, at least). I certainly envision Periscope adding categories in the future but this is a great solution until then..
@brelow Thanks for the submission. Today we categorize content coming across Twitter's Streaming API in two phases. Phase one prunes out broadcasts where the potential reach is limited. While admittedly a rough estimate, higher quality content generally comes from broadcasters who have access to a wider audience. Phase two slots broadcasts in to channels. Channel categorization leverages keywords, hashtags, details about the broadcaster, and any other bits of metadata we can collect along the way. There's substantially more coming with regards to bucketing content, the current approach is merely a first step.
Thanks for the submission, @brelow! Glad you dig what we've put together. More to come.
Howdie folks, one of the makers here. Happy to answer any questions!
We've seen a few discovery destinations for Periscope and Meerkat streams, reminiscent of what the early Vine community created shortly after its launch. I'm curious how the two prodcuts from @kayvz and @benrbn respectively, evolve in this area. How are you organizing/curating the videos now, @chrisbaglieri?
Hey @rrhoover, thanks for asking. And @kayvz @benrbn, we're fans and love what you and teams have done with Periscope and Meerkat respectively, it's why we built what we built, we can't get enough. Without dedicated APIs, we had to piggyback on Twitter’s Streaming API. We have a parsing engine ingesting tweets from broadcasters sharing their streams. With regards to curation, we ignore streams where reach is limited. It's crude but, we infer quality by potential audience. It works for now; we're actively improving that gate. With regards to organization, using a corpus of keywords/hashtags and details about the broadcaster, we slot broadcasts in to channels. Our channel set is finite, for now. Where there are hashtags, we're keeping an eye on trends and surface those findings too. As with curation, we're actively improving how we organize. Thanks again!