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Stream Time is the first all-in-one scheduling platform for live streaming. We are solving the problem of viewers missing out on live content from their favourite broadcasters on Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch and many more. We also help users find new content through discovery features such as live lists, search and recommended items.

  • Krishna De
    Krishna DeSocial business & live video strategist

    Stream Times helps broadcasters reach new audiences and easily share details of their forthcoming shows


    No Android app at this time

    Having tested out Stream Time I particularly like the ease with which you can get your show scheduled - if it is a series such my own weeky show with one click I could schedule the show for 52 weeks.

    I also like the fact that scheduling the show can be done on desktop and not just the iOS app which makes it easy to do.

    Alternatively you can schedule each show individually.

    The platform has great potential in helping broadcasters get discovered by new audiences as people can search for content based on their interests.

    With the proliferation of live stream destinations Stream Time is also a benefit to the consumer/viewer in terms of helping them discover new content to watch and listen to.

    If you have a live stream show, this is an app you need to start to use as a broadcaster or producer.

    You can find my video and screen shot tutorial on how to use Stream Time app here

  • Pros: 

    Good Design, Easy to use


    More auto-integration with live stream feeds via API

    Helps me keep track of various live streams on different platforms

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Joel Freeborn
Joel FreebornMaker@joelfreeborn · Lead designer at Nodes agency, London
Hello! We're super excited to show you Stream Time and answer any questions you have / receive feedback. This is the first version of our product with plenty of features on the roadmap. Our development which started in January included our iOS app, web app and web widgets. An Android version is next on the list. Stream Time is free to download and use so please check it out and follow some of the awesome broadcasters to know when they're going to go live.
Krishna De
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@joelfreeborn Terrific to see this launch here - have added you to my curations and will be talking about you on my weekly show about live streaming - the Live Stream Insiders
Joel Freeborn
Joel FreebornMaker@joelfreeborn · Lead designer at Nodes agency, London
@krishnade Amazing, thank you. Let us know if we can provide any further materials than already found on our website. And also if we can help with your Stream Time account and awareness.
Krishna De
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@joelfreeborn Thank you
Jeff Myers
Jeff Myers@jeffmyers123
This is awesome! Seems better than the new Facebook Watch features...
Ross Thomas
Ross Thomas@deleted-435250 · Creator at Cookt
Oooooooo, this is such a good idea, I was wondering when someone would enter the live streaming space. Downloaded ;)
Romain Violleau
Romain Violleau@rviolleau · Co-Founder & CEO @ On Rewind (acquired)
What a good product! Great job guys ;)