Stream Highlights

Automated platform capturing the best clips from Twitch live

Stream Highlights is an automated platform capturing the best clips from Twitch live. It uses data processing coupled with data analytics to detect epic events.

Highlights are then provided to the watchers on a dedicated platform.

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GREAT tool! Here's an interesting thought - Boom.TV has automatic replay capture (equivalent of Twitch clips). Not sure if they use Twitch chat. This works amazingly on Dr. Disrespect's stream. However, most medium/large streamers with energetic chats usually easily get clips because mods/viewers always clip it. The biggest content need is for smaller streamers whho dont necessarily have big/active chats to constantly create clips for them. I know you said you are analyzing chat for this, but it would be less effective for smaller streamers (where there is arguably greater need)! Thoughts?
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@itsparaj Indeed, for the application to perform properly you need a constant flow of messages with a high volatility on epic moments. That's why it is monitoring the top streamers, because they meet those criteria.
Hello Product Hunt! I have been working on this platform for quite some time now, and today I am very proud to introduce you Stream Highlights. Stream Highlights is the first platform that detects, clips and stores epic clips happening live on Twitch. It uses a mix of data processing coupled with data analytics to perform the magic! On the platform, you can find your favorite streamers and all their latest highlights. We also provide full length sessions, aside with the best clips, to jump directly into the action. If you want to know more about this, I wrote three articles about the making of Stream Highlights, feel free to give it a look.
That looks great! are you detecting highlights only by analyzing Twitch chat? or any other indicators?
@ron_cohen Only by analyzing Twitch chat! Feel free to read my detailed articles on Medium about it 😉
@schkn Sorry if you thought my previous comment as undermining, it is very impressive indeed. I just wanted to ask if there are some other indicators involved such as image\sound recognition.
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@ron_cohen I didn't think it was undermining at all, don't worry 😉 Punctuation wasn't the best I guess haha
?makers is the website down?