Streaks Workout 2.0

The personal trainer that you actually want to use.

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This is great! The sync across devices was badly needed. I think another feature that would really make this amazing would be the ability to add your own exercises. An exercise icon editor would be really interesting, but it would work without it just fine.
Great update, keep it coming 💪
Genuinely excellent - the sync with Apple Watch is brilliant, it doesn't require to be connected to your phone (great if you leave phone in locker). So many apps miss this. Easy, quick and encouraging. Great work!

See above, plus my original comment ;)


easy/simple, great apple watch sync (doesn't require connection to phone), accurate HR, encourages me to exercise more


main missing feature is addition of custom exercises - i may want to add hill/treadmill sprints to a workout, for example.

ANY chance for an Android version?