Streak is the CRM your team will actually use. Streak:
➕ scans your inbox to suggest leads
✨ automatically logs your team's email interactions
⚠️ alerts you when you're about to email someone who is already emailing w/ your team
🏠 lives entirely inside Gmail
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👋 Hi there PH!! Super excited to be back on ProductHunt to share what we're launching today. Our goal is to build a CRM your team will actually use (imagine that!). Streak does the tedious data entry for you so you can get 10x more value out of the product than the work you need to put in. The updates we are launching today have been a long time in the works and fundamentally remake the product. Streak 3 can: 🔍 scan your inbox to find leads/opportunities/deals/candidates that you should add to your pipeline. We then automatically fill out a lot of important data for you - like the last time your team received an email from them. ⏲️ build a timeline of your **entire team's** interactions with a person or company automatically (+enrichment using Clearbit) 🔔 alerts you when you are about to email someone that has already been in touch with your team ⚡️ deeply integrated across Gmail and the rest of G Suite. This isn't totally new but we've made our best in class integration even better. ✅ guide you to becoming a Streak power user with training videos, tours and pointers to features you haven't discovered yet A little on Streak's backstory: we started building the product out of frustration of having to use other sales tools at our previous startup. We didn't understand why we had to choose between buying an expensive piece of software (and the expensive consultant to customize it) or a spreadsheet that we made ourselves but didn't connect to the tool we used every day → email. None of the tools recognized that everything we wanted to track - our sales, hiring and fundraising pipelines - all flowed through our email. Instead we were forced to context switch between apps and copy & paste data back and forth. The less we used those products the more the data in them became stale and unreliable. Instead, we wanted something that was so integrated into our flow, that just working our email updated all the info in our pipeline and shared it with our team. We wanted something we'd actually use. Our first insight was to put the entire thing inside of Gmail. Not a token integration for an app that lived elsewhere but instead every interaction with Streak was done in Gmail. This accomplished 3 things: 1. it made it incredibly easy to log info in your pipeline as you were reading your email 2. when reading new emails, it gave you context on the deal or opportunity so you didn't have to search for it in a separate system 3. we didn't have to remind users to come back to Streak, it was already present in the app they were using every day. The next thing we tackled was how sluggish existing tools were. Page navigation between leads, opportunities, contacts, etc and hitting save buttons just slowed you down. Imagine 1999 form technology with full page refreshes (looking at you Salesforce!). Instead we made the primary interface a spreadsheet that let us move around quickly with the keyboard and do batch actions like copy/paste across records, all while autosaving and staying on the same page. Again, everything in Streak encourages your team to actually use it and keep it up to date. But we still had a problem. You still had to tell Streak which emails were relevant to which deals in your pipeline. Even worse, your entire team had to remember to do this, too, which frequently led managers to say "Hey, did you add that email to Streak?". We set out to solve this 18 months ago and our key insight was that you should just tell Streak which people or companies are involved in a particular deal and then we'll automatically organize all the emails your team receives neatly in one place. Nothing slips through the cracks. With this same tech, we're also able to tell you when you're about to email someone for the first time that has already had conversations with your teammates. This prevents the dreaded "I've already been talking to Bob in Sales" feedback from customers. This is just the tip of the iceberg, we plan on surfacing useful info from your teams email throughout the product. Streak now really just feels like an all new product to us. We had a few disparate initiatives we were working on that all came together really well. We'd like to say there was a grand plan in all of this, but really we set out to solve specific problems users had and they just dovetailed really nicely together. Even though we had to make sure the features flowed well together, it was surprising how well they naturally fit together - probably because they all share the same common philosophy: "don't let your tools give you more work" We hope you find Streak 3 useful, and we're happy to answer any questions about the product and how we built it.
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Our team has been using Streak CRM for a few years, starting as novices and becoming power users and we are happy to see the app getting even better! We stumbled across Streak looking for an integrated CRM that works alongside our emails, instead of in a separate space. Email power features like snooze, view tracking and mail merges were an added bonus right from the start, but the real value comes from the context this CRM provides. Seeing team-wide shared contact details, deals, tasks and other forms of communication in a sidebar right next to an email is super helpful. The pipeline views, easy to use yet powerful filters, formula support, capable mobile apps and integration with Zapier and other automation platforms are a dream. Gone are the years of manual data entry and wasted time. Streak has become the central hub of our interconnected tech stack and is beautifully integrated within the G-Suite. Please keep the updates coming and don't forget about niche features such as the Google Sheet's Streak importer. :)
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@ricardo_fahrig1 thanks for being a long time user! Really appreciate your support. We're actively working on improving our import story - more to come soon!
So many great features of a CRM that I didn't even realize my team needed until now! Congrats, Aleem!
I love the integration of inbox and CRM. It is so easy to set up pipelines and add boxes that the discipline required to make CRM successful is made really easy. New habits form overnight because the reward is almost immediate. Highly recommended.
@gregory_shankland This is so important. Once you lower the friction in the product enough, it crosses a threshold and your team starts using it *all the time*. Super important for a CRM because the quality of the output depends on usage from your team. Everything we do at Streak is about lowering that friction.
Streak is Great! I have been using it for over 3 years now and have recommended it to a few people too. 2 things I love about streak. 1. Email scheduling (existed before gmail schedule send) and much flexible in terms of time you type in there. 2. Email tracking, give you the info on when your emails are read and from where. I am not a Paid streak user since I don't use the CRM but would highly recommend it.