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Beautiful custom video of your 2014 Strava data

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This reminds me of IconoSquare's Instagram Year in Review videos, except the data here is more meaningful to me than Instagram likes are. For instance, my longest climb of 600+ meters reminds me of the very difficult "Climb Mount Everest" challenge I very narrowly completed this year. Because I also connect Strava to Instagram, the video also includes some shots from 2014 rides as well. Simple, no frills, straight to the video. I like it :) Curious what other Strava users think @nathanieldean @quan @colbyh Here's my video:
@nathanieldean @quan @colbyhHere @staringispolite love this. logged 100+ hours on the saddle in 2014 and got a fancy Garmin for an Xmas gift ( so aiming for double the time in 2015!
@daveambrose Awesome! I almost made it to 100 this year. Just got a Wahoo RFLKT and some cold-weather gear to up my game as well.
@staringispolite let's ride next time I'm in SF!
@staringispolite Back in the saddle for the last 6 months, hit 135 hours of riding and ~50k meters of climbing. Strava really nails it when it comes to letting you celebrate your own victories. Even if you're not necessarily competing with others you're really able to push yourself in context of the app. This is pretty brilliant. Quantify all the things!
@daveambrose You got it! Find me on twitter next time you're planning a trip