Stratechery Reader (iOS)

Native reader which works offline

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Arman SuleimenovHunter@suleimenov · CEO,
Hi Product Hunt, by Ben Thomson is a popular blog on business, technology, and strategy. One of the top by density of insights per square inch of screen 😉 I’m a huge fan and an avid reader for the past 3 years. As a homage to our favorite blog, we decided to write a custom parser and built the Stratechery reader for iOS. Features: 1) no web views - all native reading experience; 2) works offline; 3) online sync; 4) typography & formatting which follows the website; 5) shows only free Weekly Articles. Planning to add search in the next version. Anything else we should add?
Harsha Halvi@halvi · Overlord @TBGlabs
@suleimenov Can you share the API Endpoints can work on an Android Port for the same app :)
Ryan Brodie@brod_ie · Founder, @muzmatch (YC S17)
Sorry if this has already been answered but does this have Ben's blessing?
Manish Malik@dotmanish · Technology Products. Mostly.
Question: Aren't people using RSS Feed Readers to follow such blogs on mobile (or otherwise)? e.g. Feedly, which allows you to follow other feeds as well, in addition to this one. I'm curious if the target audience is only those who want to read blogs on mobile, but are not willing to use RSS readers. Thoughts?
Alex Sharp@ajsharp · programmer/creator/writer
Even as most web publishing continues to move towards platforms like Medium, I think there's a growing market for high-end publishers who want to control their customer base and revenue stream. Medium has a lot of benefits, but for a loyal reader to a publication like Stratechery, the platform experience will never feel quite right. I wonder if there's an opportunity for building a sort of private Medium for premium publishers of varying sizes from Stratechery to Vox.