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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 28, 2020
Storyly enables you to bring the story feature to your mobile apps. Maximize in-app engagement with a familiar experience, visualize your content to build interest and track conversions from one simple dashboard.
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34 Reviews4.7/5
Thank you @leventask for hunting Storyly! Hello Product Hunt! 👋 We are a dedicated team of developers and designers, constantly working on improving the customer journey for mobile apps. That's why we created Storyly, a lightweight SDK adding stories to your app with a quick and seamless integration! User engagement in mobile apps is a challenge. Growing your user base is not enough unless the acquired users consume the content you create and complete the core action of your app. Storyly aims to solve this problem by bringing the familiar user experience of stories. Here's a snapshot of some of Storyly's best features so far: 🖼 Visualize the content you create in stories! 🎨 Customize how the stories look in your app 🚀 Add Call-to-Action buttons or swipe up links 📸 Import content from your social media accounts 📊 Track content performances from all-in-one simple dashboard With Storyly, boost the content consumption, increase session times and therefore, build interest. Optimize your stories by observing their stats in real-time, support your customer journey by giving your user the freedom to move at their own pace with bite-sized structure of stories. It's time to maximize in-app engagement and reach your app's full potential! We really enjoyed developing the ever-growing Storyly! We'd really appreciate to get some feedback and answer your questions 🤓 P.S. We offer 3 months free trial for Product Hunt Community 😉
@aykutbal how'd you get all this engagement on your post?
@aykutbal @armand This product is probably something lots of people really want so the high engagement!
Acquiring a new user for an app is a lot more expensive than keeping an existing one, Storyly makes it super easy to have dynamic stories generated inside the app with an SDK
As an Android developer, it'll be much easier to add story feature to my applications. I can even manage and analyze stories via dashboard and customize story preview. I took a look to the SDK and like its simplicity. Really want to try it asap.
@irfan_omur do you know that we've increased core app conversion ratio by 3x within latest integrated app? :)
Great product! Story is very popular among content producer apps since it is the most effective way to take attention of users. Nowadays, compainies want to engage their users with story based component. It is awesome to see that there is ready to use product like Storyly. Don't waste time to implement same component, integrate Storyly SDK and start to see engagement from first day. Congrats!
@farukcnky it's great to hear those from you!
Bringing the best placement type to any app. Excited to see the effects on in-app conversion and on the whole user journey.