StoryChief v1.1

Distribute articles to multiple channels with a click.

StoryChief helps businesses in becoming a thought leader in their niche by centralizing their content creation and distribution processes.
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StoryChief is an editorial software that lets you publish across all your channels at once, collaborate with your team, and get insights on how your content is performing. With just a few clicks, you'll have your content on your Wordpress, Medium, RSS feed, HubSpot-powered blog, social media channels, your email newsletter, and your colleagues or friends will be automatically triggered to reshare your content on their networks. And everything you post is dynamic. Meaning, if you notice a mistake in the article after it has been published (we've all been there), you can fix it, and all of your posts will be simultaneously updated. Now, you may be thinking, “won’t posting the same story to so many different channels at the same time hurt my SEO score?” No, because StoryChief is two steps ahead of you and the SEO game. You see, when you publish your article on multiple websites, you’ll have to select the primary channel. That means all of the social links and other previews will lead to the full article located in the primary channel, and all canonical stuff will be fixed, too. Also helping you win the SEO game is the Story Chief SEO & Readability tool. This tool shows you tips on how you can optimize your story! From directly within your doc, you can make changes to climb the SEO rankings! StoryChief also offers a straightforward WYSIWYG editor that allows you to embed images, image galleries, videos, lead capture forms, and rich media like social content from Instagram posts or Google Maps links. Everyone with access to the document will be able to add comments and feedback — just like a Google Doc but without the annoying distractions of multiple people editing your work at once. When your story is finished, request approval from your editor or go straight to ‘summary’ where you can see/edit things like categories, tags, and SEO settings. Once your content has gotten the green light and been posted, you can see impressions, views, and reads across all of your channels using StoryChief’s analytics platform. Since our previous launch We have a lot of great reviews and improvements made. This particular launch is a 1.1, which means that we'll be releasing 2.0 soon with a few HUGE updates. Would love to hear your feedback and see how we can improve!
This is really helpful!
Congrats on the launch! I love writing!
We have been very happy with this product. The developers have been very responsive to our needs, and even helped make a few things work that are not part of their normal offering. They have an agency program we will eventually use as well. We have used 2 other 'content' products before this and this is hands down the best of breed.
I use Storychief and love it!