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Optimize your blog posts for SEO and distribute them with a click. StoryChief is the reliable tool that lets you co-create, plan, optimize, and distribute articles to different publishing channels from one place.
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Here's to the writers! 📝 When you’re creating content it’s extremely important to make sure the copy is well optimized for search engines in order to attract more and more visitors to your website over time. There are of course some technical rules to apply when doing so, but all you want to do is write and not taking care of technical stuff, right? That's why we've updated our SEO tool inside our StoryChief editor so we take care of all the technical rules for you. 👉 Here are some of the top assessments for SEO: ✅ Keyphrase density: checks for the number of keyphrase occurrences in the story and if this amount is acceptable. ✅ Keyphrase distribution: checks if the keyphrase is well spread over the story. ✅ Meta description length: checks if there is text in the meta description and if its length is appropriate. - ... And of course, you want to know about our readability assessments as well: ✅ Flesch Reading Ease: checks how readable the text is, based on the Flesch reading ease test. ✅ Subheading distribution: checks for paragraphs that are too long that could use subheadings instead. ✅ Word Complexity: words with more than 3 syllables are considered complex. Checks for percentage usage of complex words. - ... Check out all of our SEO and Readability assessments here: ( WE WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Some of our other cooler features (because we personally love them all) allow you to: 🤝 Approval & Collaboration flow for articles 👩‍💻 Distribute articles to all your websites, social channels and newsletters with one click! 📆 Plan content in the Content Calendar 🚀 Gather multichannel results in one dashboard Please sign up for a free account and start throwing your thoughts right at us, both good and bad. We are here to answer your questions all day long.
Aghhh where have you been all my life? This is great, can't wait to try it out in-action, but I've been asking for this for so long, how did I never know about you before?
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I love storychief! <3 Great to see SEO and readability
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@aazar_ali_shad Thank you, Aazar!
Built-in SEO scoring that also looks pretty sick? Yes please!
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Nice 👏
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