A fun turn-based writing game game over Facebook Messenger

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Adrian Vatchinsky
CEO / Co-Founder of Uni
Hey there everyone, I recently put this bot together as part of a deep dive I've wrapped up at work around bots and figured it may be a fun chat bot you guys would be interested in. I hope you like the random nature nature of it and am excited to see what type of stories you all write! I'll love to hear any feedback or questions you may have! To play just click the "Message Us" blue button in the top right menu / drop down menu on mobile or search for "theonlystorybot" on Facebook Messenger and click "Get Starter" As part of a deep dive I am doing into bots and their applications at the foundry at Cornell Tech I built StoryBot, a Facebook messenger bot whose purpose is to mediate a simple writing game in which you are paired up with another anonymous person and take alternating turns writing a story. You have no direct means of communicating with the other person and are also provided with a writing prompt should you choose to follow it. The primary goal is to explore the application of bots for purposes different than ordering stuff, scheduling meetings, or looking up the weather which dominate the current tech scene. Another goal is to learn design and engineering principles in chat-based applications which are becoming more and more popular. In addition I am curious what type of content can be created in this fashion from a creative perspective. I'll be writing a blog post shortly with the takeaways.
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Bryan RussettSoftware Engineer, ClassPass
Awesome work, Adrian!
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Yeah, this is a really fun experiment. The amount "strangers" invest themselves into each story makes for a really genuine and rich experience. Super creative!
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