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#4 Product of the DayJune 10, 2015
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Hello fellow hunters! I'm excited to share with you the product we've been building for the past few months. It's a simple, beautiful (I hope!) CRM specifically designed for agencies and small companies. We wanted a simple software to store all the interactions with our clients. A software that would analyze how often we usually interact with clients, and remind us to do it when we forget. I hope you'll like it! I'm around, feel free to ask your questions!
@gregoiregilbert awwwww yeaaaaahh! Congrats @gregoiregilbert! This looks amazing.
@mijustin Thanks a lot Justin!
@gregoiregilbert i'm interested in creating something similar, perhaps the product could be saved?
@paddy Hey Patrick! Maybe. We are in early talk with potential buyers though, but nothing's done. Feel free to email me gregoire at nerdy makers dot com :)
Nice work! Very easy on the eyes and looks fun to use!
@helenryles Thanks a lot! I always appreciate your benevolence.
Super work @gregoiregilbert has been a pleasure watching this come together. Really like the simplicity of this.
@jasondainter Thank you Jason! Uppsala tech ftw!
Good job, looks good @gregoiregilbert!
@dereckbreuning Thank you Dereck. ✋🏻