Suha Onay
Suha Onay reviewedStorPoolSoftware-defined distributed storage.

Simplicity and compatibility – it can be managed with minimal training. StorPool also proved to be very scalable and easy to deploy.


Monitoring and statistics UI is a bit clumsy, although StorPool is working on a new version.

We are very happy with StorPool. Performance is impressive and expansion is as simple as adding an additional node. Storpool allows enterprises to use inexpensive commodity hardware for building expandable converged systems. In our opinion this provides the best building block for cloud environments.

As our business grew, the number of servers grew as well. Management and lack of flexibility became a problem. Our initial experiments with building a private cloud were promising, but we needed a shared storage system. In our experience hardware storage solutions are expensive to buy and run, so we started looking into soſtware defined storage solutions.

We now have a high-performance shared storage system for our private cloud, which can scale-out when we need more capacity. The downtime virtually disappeared, which led to increase in customer’s satisfaction. Additionally, StorPool’s storage solution is intuitive and easy to operate, which is a significant time saver.

Our experience with working with StroPool has been nothing, but positive. The product just works and they offer us an outstanding support, that is always available to help. I would say that this may as well be the best decision you can make for your business. The impact a storage solution can have is amazing. We’ve witnessed an increase in the performance, whilst the downtime simply disappeared.

Suha Onay

CEO at DİA Yazılım A.Ş.

Suha Onay has used this product for one year.