StoriesOnBoard is a visual product planning and collaboration tool. This is a tool where teams can break down ambitious goals into tangible pieces. By creating a story map you’ll be able to see the big picture any time so you can focus on your goals.
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No other way to say it: I love StoriesOnBoard very much - am using it for more than 2 years now and am especially impressed with the steady enhancement rate that could be established by the team during that period. Although as a product manager you are usually "forced" into ticketing systems provided by jira and others ... due to their history those follow a far more tech/dev-oriented approach - nowadays I use the much more product-focused StoriesOnBoard-features and at the same time the (by now) very powerful integration with Jira. In my opinion (even more during the actual times of video conferencing due to the social distancing peroid) it´s much easier to work (Product Manager, PO) with my customers when using the intuitive features StoriesOnBoards provides for User Mapping, Idea Mapping and Personas. And - also important - it's simply fun. Of course there are still some features I would wish for (I guess that's no surprise ) but some of my wishes have already been answered with card annotations, better searches and filters...
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@programcat_r Thank you very much Susanne 😍 We're going to focus on user requests in the next few months so I hope you'll enjoy the features as well 👍
Been working with this product for a few years now, and have to say it's invaluable for product and delivery team alike! ... Great product, and first class support! ... Thanks guys!
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@daringfutures Thank you Andrew (on behalf of our support team)! 👍
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I loved StoriesOnBoard and it's ideal for my work structure, which is very much project-management oriented. All the workflows and ideas I want to implement, I manage to structure into a StoriesonBoard mindmap. The only trouble I find is that I find it hard to "translate" the content and relay the message to the receiver. Very often, my interlocutor are non PMs and very tech-averse. Anyone had any similar experience?
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@csscoe_mt Thank you! It's thought-provoking! Do you think improving the support of 'content-translation' (with features and edu materials) could be helpful?
Great tool for blueprintIng, brainstorming, and mapping out a plan of attack for turning ideas in structured and priorities products ( and roadmaps.) Integrates/syncs with tools like Azure DevOps so the team doesn’t end up duplicating stories and efforts. Used this at my last start-up and current gig and def helps align the team when thinking big picture and wrangling new initiatives.
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@illmasterflex Ilya, thanks for the feedback. Yes we tried to deliver the most sophisticated integration for Azure DevOps...and we still have ideas on our roadmap! 🗺
Hey hunters and makers! We’re very proud of introducing StoriesOnBoard 2.0...🚀 For those of you who never met us yet: The typical product backlog is an endless flat list of features that the team doesn’t understand. Nobody’s connected, nobody’s on the same page, and half of the product vision only exists inside your head. This is the main reason for missed deadlines and unnecessary features that eat away at your budget. StoriesOnBoard gives you perspective - so you can think about strategy. 🤔 It allows you to see what’s really important to the big picture, and understand exactly what the customers want. From there you can: ☑️ Share your product vision with colleagues or remote clients. ☑️ Implement the right features at the right time ☑️ Prioritize features into a release Then when it’s ready to implement, StoriesOnBoard integrates directly with your favorite project management software. We already have over 1,100 agile product teams amongst our customers.🥳 For those of you already familiar with StoriesOnBoard, there is a massive set of features improving the user experience: 👉radically redesigned user interface 👉 ample of UX improvements such as navigation and sharing options 👉 brand new commenting experience 👉 a wide set of features for involving non-technical members 👉 numerous improvements for a better collaboration eg board discussion, mentioning, notifications 👉 slack app - to follow the project on the go You can learn everything about it right here: Cheers Gergo CMO at StoriesOnBoard
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