Stories : plan your catch-ups to share stories

An intuitive app to help you stay connected with friends.

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It is all about stories.

We crafted Stories to simplify the planning of catch-ups with friends. Connect with all your friends, explore a range of activities, find great venues, send a comprehensive, feature-packed invite, evolve your stories via messages in 1-to-1 or group chats.

Create a new story every day! :-)​

**Launched for Singapore**

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Dashell Laryea
Dashell Laryea@dashlaryea · Designer
@kishankhatri, @vikas2194 -- is joinstories a resurrection of @davemorin's path?
Kishan Khatri
Kishan KhatriMaker@kishankhatri · Founder, Stories (
@vikas2194 @davemorin @dashlaryea Hi Dashell, thanks for your question. Stories is an attempt to convert passive online intent and chatter to offline catch-ups, conversations and experiences in real-world and limits to a user's existing connections!
Kishan Khatri
Kishan KhatriMaker@kishankhatri · Founder, Stories (
@vikas2194 @davemorin @dashlaryea I went back and did some research and found Path Talk Places's product hunt page. That's certainly a direction we're headed! @davemorin if you're ok, would love to hear more about your vision at the time and now. Thanks, Kishan